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What we do at Bridge to Israel Ministries


Is Rocketman for Real????????

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Fifty five years ago President John Kennedy went toe-to-toe with Nikita Khrushchev, in a brinkmanship that had the world on edge,  and he was hailed as a hero of the Western world, all this over the USSR placing missiles 70 miles off the Florida coast. There were no threats of annihilation, no threats to actually use the missiles, but Kennedy told the USSR to get them out of there and had the world on edge for 12 days. But the media loved him, he was masterful, a leader.

Now, fifty five years later we have another communist dictator developing hydrogen bombs (most likely in concert with Iran) in deference to the “world governing authorities” . He continues to ramp up his program with threats to use them, and now we have a president who won’t back down telling him to stop or suffer the consequences. But, unlike Kennedy (a democrat?)…

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Hitler’s Nazis Never Went Away, They Just Relocated

Wow, I didn’t know that

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My special thanks to Jerry Golden for bringing this to our attention. So, when did this Become this?. Below I?ll have an old video clip that explains some history that we in the states weren?t taught but let?s get some contemporary imagery.  Real life now shows the symbols used by?

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Germany to Allow Palestinian Terrorists to Run for Parliament

And so some feel the Holocaust was a hoax………..looks like it’s making it’s way back….

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So, it begins. Germany has avoided any talk of banning the terrorist group PFLP, aka Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. In fact they will allow it as a political party to field candidates for Parliamentary seats. According the Jerusalem Post “candidates from parties and candidates in Germany cannot be banned or allowed by the Interior Ministry in Germany,”?

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If I Were the Devil

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As I look back I miss some of the people, Paul Harveywho if empowered, could have kept this country great. For now, after their passing, all we can do is revisit and ponder their wisdom and almost prophetic calling. One such man was Paul Harvey. I’d listen with regularity his wit and wisdom and undying admiration for his love, Angel. The following should be almost scary or worse, given he saw this coming and no one knew or cared

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