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Right wing politicians in Israel slam truce, Left commends PM.

Politicians to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s Right and Left spoke out against Wednesday night’s cease-fire, with only Labor, Meretz and others on the Left supporting it.

“The goals of his operation were not reached, and the next round is only a matter of time,” Kadima chairman Shaul Mofaz said. “We should not have stopped at this stage. Hamas got stronger and we did not gain deterrence.”

Mofaz referred to his experience as an IDF chief of staff and leading Operation Defensive Shield in 2002, saying it is possible to defeat terrorism.

 “The army knows how to do its work, and we could have won this time. A cease-fire at this point is a mistake; this is not how a war against terror ends. Hamas has the upper hand,” he stated.

Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid criticized Netanyahu for “failing to…

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Awesome powerful message

godsfingers - Watchman on the Wall

A follow up to “A Special Anointing
Sometimes when I leave a comment God’s anointing comes on and a prophetic Word comes out of it.

“Good morning Glynda,

Yes, I,too,felt the silence and the enemy, again, tried to kill me with an illness, but God’s Grace and purpose prevails.

The Lord spoke a number of times, quite clearly, that the Nov6 elections were to be a measure of the heart of America. God had already chosen the person, appointed to carry out His judgements, but each man and woman was to measure their hearts and vote God’s Word and heart, not the “lesser of two evils”. God had already said that the die was cast, search your hearts.

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