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A number of people have asked me to express my thoughts and interpretations on the song, ” American Pie” by Don McLean. As I’ve mentioned, I was just getting out of high school when this song came out. Life was good, there was no better place to be, in the world, than America. The Vietnam war is soon over, the future is bright, and music ruled the skies. We all had our opinions on this strange but lovely piece of music shards, piecing together what groups or talents were being alluded to. It was a great testament to growing out of the music of the 50’s and 60’s, putting it to rest and getting on with the direction rock was heading, or so we thought.

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godsfingers - Watchman on the Wall

Well, today’s a new day, yesterday is gone, finally. We don’t have to hear about it, all the money spent, yada, yada. So what happened yesterday? I heard there was an inauguration. Somebody showed up for some symbolic event that actually happened the day before, On Sunday, in private. So why the switch? This supposed Christian, supposedly godly man, why not Sunday? Many Christian churches send off their “called” men and women on Sunday. The statutory day fell on Sunday, yet he moved the public demonstration to Monday, Why?

Much ado was made that he was going to swear in on TWO Bibles, Lincoln’s Bible and Martin Luther King’s Bible ( never did find out who’s was on top, doesn’t matter ). These two Bibles allegedly were the strength and inspiration of their rightful owners, their pipeline to God, the path that guides their feet. So why did Obama need…

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So where are we? There’s going to be an inauguration in a couple days. Apparently not many feel inclined to show up even though more money is going to be spent. He got re-elected but not many seem to excited, go figure. Perhaps it’s this ever growing despotism, perhaps it’s just mid-winter blues.

Perhaps it’s the false flag that happened in December, that we’d been predicting. Many are still livid at the suggestion that the Sandy Hook “tragedy” is a hoax, a false flag but the growing evidence, the continuing pining in the press about the need for gun control to avert another tragedy, begins to show otherwise. Hide behind the children like a good terrorist. Obama’s own words point to the need to create something extraordinary, shock the nation. When discussing pushing his agenda,

“The president acknowledged his proposals won’t be easy to pass. “This will be difficult,”…

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questionThe Sandy Hook incident has seemingly taken on a life of its own. Lot’s and lot’s of questions. There’s even a WIKI page with the official story, not unlike the official WIKI for climategate three years ago. While the mainstream media continues to fawn and sanitize the story, intelligence and/or crackpot information has been churning out a different and un-nerving story. Now, evidence is being presented to question whether the event actually happened. Apparently, it took 20 minutes for the police response from the call even thought the cop shop is a mile away. One “father” was told to “read from the card” for a public statement, only to find a picture of his daughter with the POTUS two days later. Picture comparisons indicate that many grieving parents are actually actors.Reporting indicated that the shooter even shot up cars in the parking lot before he, “shot his way in” …

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godsfingers - Watchman on the Wall

I got an email yesterday that was pretty disturbing. It’s not like I’m unaware of what’s up with the media, how it works and how it’s used. I mean really, look how the current POTUS managed to come off as a good guy and get re-elected. We can play along and say, “well, it’s only another four years and he’s gone.”. No, the email content, though short and sweet had the clues that we are in deep do do as far as sweeping agenda manipulation in the media.

shooterHe sent me a link about a mass shooting in San Antonio, TX that never got covered by the state controlled media, wholly cold shouldered, with the question, ” So why isn’t this plastered all over the news?”. Good question. One, no one got killed. Two, it ended with a wrong result. HUH? No one got killed, wrong result? Yep.

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