godsfingers - Watchman on the Wall

Well, today’s a new day, yesterday is gone, finally. We don’t have to hear about it, all the money spent, yada, yada. So what happened yesterday? I heard there was an inauguration. Somebody showed up for some symbolic event that actually happened the day before, On Sunday, in private. So why the switch? This supposed Christian, supposedly godly man, why not Sunday? Many Christian churches send off their “called” men and women on Sunday. The statutory day fell on Sunday, yet he moved the public demonstration to Monday, Why?

Much ado was made that he was going to swear in on TWO Bibles, Lincoln’s Bible and Martin Luther King’s Bible ( never did find out who’s was on top, doesn’t matter ). These two Bibles allegedly were the strength and inspiration of their rightful owners, their pipeline to God, the path that guides their feet. So why did Obama need…

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