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Earlier I wrote that we need to pray for revival. We need to drop the ulterior motive of restoration and really pray for revival that few would be left behind at the rapture when ever that might be. That at this juncture in history of earth and time we, in the time of the Gentiles, continue to do our part until the end, with or without the promise of the return of creature comforts.

Well, then, I got this image of churches calling together the faithful, spending a couple of hours in prayer (some a whole 15 minutes) that the Lord would send His Holy Spirit and bring revival across the land. That God would redeem everyone from bondage, bind the broken spirits, lift the faint, restore His church. Sounds great.

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godsfingers - Watchman on the Wall


I try to steer clear of politics in this journal but this particular event has me un-nerved by the immediacy of the debate that ensued. I sincerely pray for the families of the victims of this heinous crime, that they find their hope and comfort in Jesus, the ultimate peace-maker.

Is this a false flag event? Before there was even a body count, NYC Mayor Bloomberg was in the media screaming for greater gun control ( remember this is the guy locking up all the guns in NYC that he can). Little is known of the assailant. They are, allegedly, scouring the Internet trying to find any information or writings from him. 

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godsfingers - Watchman on the Wall

Psalm 63:1
A psalm of David. When he was in the Desert of Judah. O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water.

dry and weary
While I was walking over my parched land I came across this little patch, green and blossoming, seemingly ambivalent to the fact that there is no water or moisture in the ground.

As rains continue to NOT fall on both the believers and non-believers in Christ, the landscape becomes a very real, harsh, blanched picture. The grasses, crops, and even some of the not deeply rooted trees are withered and dying. This dry scorching heat has enveloped the land, inescapably ruining the unprepared. Whether by crop insurance or emergency loans some may be able to recover their crop and cattle losses but one thing will…

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What a powerful word

godsfingers - Watchman on the Wall

This is a word that came to me this morning as I was meditating on God’s plans for Sue and I, along with the desperateness of this drought .

You ask me and I tell you. My fury burns and my fire rages against this nation.  It’s people are far from me, holding a form of religion but denying my sovereignty, and even that is being moved to a secret place. A nation that hides my very name and erases the memory of my name. But this will be no more. No more will the world exalt in it’s highest towers. No more will this world exalt in it’s accomplishments. Nothing that has or will be is done without me. No more, no more, no more.

My fire burns and my fury rages and I will visit on this land unquenchable fire. Such fire that only by my hand will…

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