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This morning I wake up to the headline of a developing story of. ” 3 dead including gunman in New Jersey” . Then there’s the Empire State Building killings, more shootings in Pennsylvania, Temple killings in Wisconsin, Colorado killings and this guy above.  Even a shooting at the Christian organization, Family Research Council. What’s up? Wholesale slaughter is ramping up. It doesn’t SEEM to be, it IS. Gun control won’t stop it.

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Wow! Move me away Jose”

godsfingers - Watchman on the Wall

Now what? We’re starting to see an increase of deep earthquakes as indicated with the 7.3 by El Salvador this morning. Then followed up with a nice shaking in the San Diego area, giving a rattling start of the week on the east Pacific Rim. Apparently the El Salvador quake stirred up a very minor 3 1/2 in wave that hit the coast. When looking up deep earth quakes I’m reassured that, though strong in magnitude, they won’t impact the surface very much. That makes me really warm and fuzzy all over given that in 1922 deep earthquakes were “impossible” until someone discovered they actually happen. What if one of these things hits under a major fault? The TV mini series “10.5” captured the notion of deep quakes in such a campy way that it created a, “ya, right” mentality.

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The flag is fallen for good…

godsfingers - Watchman on the Wall

Note the laughing of the folks taking the video

In this time of signs and wonders, I’m one that sometimes wonders at the subtle signs. The above Olympic video was pretty much quashed from the American public. Any stories that actually got written in the media were quickly pulled. The warning is there, you can’t make this stuff up. When the song reached, ” the flag was still there” the flag was pulled down by the hand of God.

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plug me in, oh God

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In my Our Daily Bread devotional this morning, the writer shared a story about his wife. Apparently, while working at home on her laptop computer, the battery started to die and getting ready to shut down the computer. How odd, seeing that it was plugged in. She traced the cord only to find that the extension cord was actually plugged into itself. I’m not going to get into what kind of working environment that would create that condition :-0 But it does show just how easily and, if you will, incredulously one can get off track and into deep trouble.

When you find someone in deep depression, you will most generally find someone disconnected from God and plugged into themselves. They’ve been running on their own batteries and if the situation doesn’t change or the individual doesn’t seek help they can get perilously close to, if not at, shut down…

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godsfingers - Watchman on the Wall

I can’t take credit for this message, I’d heard it many years ago, but it still means a lot today, probably more.  Something really obvious and inherently wrong, today,  is that we are living in an era of excuses.  It’s so rare to find men and women of character anymore. That’s why the flap over Dan Cathy and Chick Fil A  concerning Dan’s unapologetic position on homosexual marriage is so important. He believes the word of God, and says so, no apologies, no excuses and he’s ready to put his business on God’s altar. How many more people of integrity can we find? Rare.

It’s nothing new, goat religion. In Jesus’ day, He crossed those people regularly.

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