godsfingers - Watchman on the Wall

I got an email yesterday that was pretty disturbing. It’s not like I’m unaware of what’s up with the media, how it works and how it’s used. I mean really, look how the current POTUS managed to come off as a good guy and get re-elected. We can play along and say, “well, it’s only another four years and he’s gone.”. No, the email content, though short and sweet had the clues that we are in deep do do as far as sweeping agenda manipulation in the media.

shooterHe sent me a link about a mass shooting in San Antonio, TX that never got covered by the state controlled media, wholly cold shouldered, with the question, ” So why isn’t this plastered all over the news?”. Good question. One, no one got killed. Two, it ended with a wrong result. HUH? No one got killed, wrong result? Yep.

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